Psychic wins lottery, without using any powers

You hear this all the time: If they were really psychic…

Psychic quits job.. after winning £2.2m on National Lottery – Daily Record.

ONE of the country’s best-known psychics has packed away her crystal ball – after scooping a lotto ­jackpot.

Beti Schulz, 71, landed more than £2million when her ­numbers came up on the National Lottery.

Now, the ­clairvoyant has decided to retire after spending almost 40 years predicting the future.

“I’m ­finished with work. I’m tired of it.”

Gran Beti, who only ever gave ­readings for women, charged her customers £30 per session and told them their ­fortune from a small room in her home in Glasgow’s west end.

Beti once said in an ­interview: “Do I have psychic ability? Well, I just read the cards and pass on any other things that come into my head.

Beti had no hand in picking the numbers, it seems. And, she pretty much admits there was no paranormal power involved in her work. It was just a job.

A curious note, she only gave readings to women after she was spooked by a male customer. Also, I’d bet women are easier to do a cold reading on for many reasons.