Obama will win the election, according to psychics and astrologers

What’s the deal with this? Why is this newsworthy? When have psychics EVER predicting ANYTHING important? And, OOOOO, a 50/50 shot. Big odds.

Blue Aura: Psychics Call It for Obama – James Hamblin – The Atlantic.

There is some degree of dissent among the psychic/astrologic community as to what our political future is — and most temporize in saying that it involves a long, nuanced discussion — but the bottom line consensus is that Obama stays.

Is that because most psychics are new-age liberals? Not at all. Even if that were true, we have to believe they would act in the interest of establishing a record of accuracy, as opposed to saying what they hope happens. Letting personal political leanings interfere with the veracity of their professional analyses also must go against the code of the trade.

A panel of renowned astrologers at the United Astrology Conference in New Orleans this past May unanimously said it would go to Obama.

Spiritual teacher and psychic Sylvia Browne called it for Obama and also called an assassination attempt — recorded by different sources as either “at some point after the election” or “sometime between now and 2020.”

In a survey of 172 psychics at Psychic Source, 71.5 percent saw Obama.

My favorite is this one:
“It might even look like [Romney] will or could win. He may even lead in the poles. But on the day of the election Obama has enough of an astrological edge to beat out Romney,” according to psychic/astrologer Denise Siegel”.

He could win, he could not. That’s some grade A prediction there. Seems like us voting really doesn’t matter, as it’s all about having the astrological edge on election day? Am I reading that right?

I don’t think it’s all that surprising that Sylvia Browne calls for an assassination attempt on Obama. There have been a few probably been avoided so far. And, Sylvia gives herself plenty of time for the prediction to come true, 8 years. Very precise!

  2 comments for “Obama will win the election, according to psychics and astrologers

  1. am_sci
    October 26, 2012 at 8:45 PM

    I coined a new word after reading this: astrocracy.

    Since the stars apparently have more influence then the “people,” I think that may be a better description of our system of government.

    Feel free to use that term United Astrological Conference, as long as you finally invite me to the fortune cookie working group.

  2. TL Smith
    October 30, 2012 at 10:46 AM

    “He may even lead in the poles.”
    OK, Poland has been heard from.

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