Metaphysical marketplace reeling after eBay outster: Opens new action site

Recall that ebay banned certain “occult” items from their auctions? Well, they have to sell those products SOMEWHERE. So, a new site just for metaphysical nonsense lotions, notions and potions has appeared.

Brand New Mega Metaphysical / Paranormal Auction Website ‘,’ Comes to the Rescue, and Saves the Former eBay Metaphysical Market from Despair – Yahoo! News.

The former eBay Metaphysical / Paranormal community has been devastated, by eBay’s groundbreaking, historic Sept 10th, 2012 decision to ban it’s Metaphysical sellers, from continuing to sell any longer under its eBay roof.

The Metaphysical community has been a part of eBay since eBay began its online presence back in 1995. Metaphysical items and services, have included everything from Psychic Readings, Spirited Inhabited Vessels, Haunted Dolls, Reiki, Shaman services, to Meditation techniques, herbs, incense, and candles, to name a few of the many services, and items, that fall under the Metaphysical Category umbrella. For years Metaphysical sellers have helped eBay to grow, and have grown their customer base online as well. EBay has been their home, for doing business worldwide. Now all of that is over.

In an unsuspecting turn of events former eBay buyers have decided to come together, and create a new eBay similar super website home for their former sellers to continue to conduct their businesses as before on eBay. will provide an exciting new surge of energy to the Metaphysical Community. Magickals is “strictly” a Metaphysical / Paranormal super auction website, which will take the Metaphysical Community to the next level of doing business.

Will this work? People love to buy this stuff. Sadly, it’s a lucrative venture to sell such items. But they have lost the huge audience that eBay draws and subsequently lose the impulse buys. But, let’s look at the site…

Hmm, you can buy haunted dolls, healing crystals, ionic salt lamps. All sorts of woo-themed things. From just browsing the site, it looks superficially like old ebay. But there are only 55 registered users. This site has been up for a few weeks now. Hmm. Maybe the market is not so magical for the metaphysical.

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  1. Carol
    October 13, 2012 at 1:51 PM

    Someone apparently bought too many commas for that article.

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