Lion sightings reported in Bedfordshire. No media circus this time around

Seriously, more lion reports in the U.K.
‘Lion’ on the loose in Bedford: big cat sightings reported

Two witnesses claim they saw a lion “on the prowl” in a residential area of Bedford, six weeks after similar sightings sparked panic in Essex.

Two dog walkers claim to have spotted a lion stalking a housing estate in Bedford.

The women reported seeing the “orange and brown” beast prowling around the residential area.

However, while Essex police mounted a full-scale lion hunt this summer following claims of a wild animal on the loose, the Bedfordshire force is taking a more sceptical approach.

The first eyewitness said she came face-to-face with the lion in Thor Drive this week as she walked her Yorkshire Terriers.

“I was stood about four feet away from it and I’ve seen enough National Geographic programmes to know it was on the prowl,” said the woman, who declined to be named “for fear of being mocked”.

The animal was last seen heading off in the direction of a neighbouring pig farm. Locals speculated that it could have been a pig.

A Bedfordshire Police spokesman said: “There is no ongoing incident involving a lion.”

Glad to see the police are not mobilizing and causing panic and a worldwide sensation this time. Think eyewitnesses can’t be mistaken? Reread the Essex lion panic. And absorb the exaggeration that went into that story. A Maine Coon cat named Teddy Bear was later identified as the probable “lion”.

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