Land shark: Found on golf course

The Capistrano Dispatch – Fish Out of the Water Live Shark Found at San Juan Hills Golf Course.

The shark was discovered around 4 p.m. by an on-duty course marshal, who immediately called the clubhouse to report the displaced fish.

“It was just wriggling around,” Director of Club Operations Melissa McCormack said. “Honestly, this is the weirdest thing that’s happened here.”

McCormack believes the shark was picked out of the water by a predatory bird and was dropped onto the course, which is less than 4 miles away from the Pacific Ocean. The shark was found bleeding from puncture wounds near its dorsal fin.

As for how the shark got to the golf course, Steers said there are predatory birds in the area known to prey on fish in shallow waters, but she could not confirm without seeing the shark for herself.

Not something you see everyday. Or, ever. This bird must have been very strong and possibly could have taken the shark from a boat or catch already out of the water.

In other more frightening news, sharks still attack people when we enter their territory.