German pseudoscientist arrested for fraud scheme

BBC News – Brazil arrests German conman over pseudo-science fraud.

Brazilian police have arrested a German conman who claimed to have developed a scheme which he said allowed him to predict lottery numbers, transmit data and improve online banking security.

Hartmut Muller, who had been convicted of a multi-million-dollar fraud in Germany, persuaded people to invest in the scheme supposedly based on gravitational waves.

He had invented a pseudo-scientific theory he called “global scaling”, which he said allowed him to use gravitational waves to prevent electronic smog, use novel methods of scanning to be applied in medicine, and transmit “information without any limits in quantity, quality or time”.

Muller persuaded investors with an impressive, and mainly fictitious, resume claiming he had advanced degrees in applied mathematics and physics and awards. He developed “wellness devices” which could allegedly protect the buyer from electronic smog and “vitality-generators” to improve one’s life force.

Who would buy into this stuff and invest without checking. Were scientists consulted? Shades of Rossi’s Ecat device

There are some skeptical references on Muller but they are in German. So, it was not unknown to the European community but didn’t seem to move his devices in the U.S. business world.

It is expected he will be extradited.