Chakra energy must be strong in this sixth grader

Sixth grader gets third eye in school picture – The Local.

The photo-fixing foul-up was discovered following the distribution two weeks ago of the annual photo album for students at Månesköld school in Lidköping in central Sweden.

According to Tilde, there was nothing unusual at the actual picture-taking session, during which the photographer took several snaps of each class at the school.

But during the processing of the pics, something went wrong, resulting in a third eye placed in the middle of Tilde’s forehead.

The photography company responsible for the catalogue, Skolfoto Norden, had “no good explanation” for the apparent case of wayward digital manipulation took place.

Skolfoto Norden plans to send out a corrected version of the catalogue in which hopefully all eyes, arms, and ears will be found in the right place.

Photo credit: Skolfoto Norden

This has caused great embarrassment for the girl. Kids are SUPER sensitive about this. But, if I were her, I might take advantage of these mystical powers. No one will remember this story for long.

The interesting bit here is that they don’t seem to quite know how it happened.

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  1. oLO
    October 14, 2012 at 9:17 PM

    This reminds me of fragments I get in audio editing due to code doing something unexpected “once”, as far as I know this can occur more easily under buffer pressure. Have not seen it with gadgets like digital cameras, but the third eye looks a lot like a duplicate from below and I could imagine a chip with facial recognition code, may chaotically reassemble a face with a displaced ” facial part”.
    I´m more than curious about a take on this by an experienced graphics or video editor.

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