Call for ban on chiropractic neck manipulation in Manitoba; citing stroke risk

The debate over chiropractic and strokes is heating up mainly because of the Nette lawsuit story out of Canada. But this topic is NOT new. Finally, here is a call for a ban.

Group wants provincial ban on some neck manipulation by chiropractors – Winnipeg Free Press.

A group of Manitobans wants the province to ban certain neck manipulations by chiropractors, claiming the procedures can cause stroke.

Three of the seven who met with the minister say they were the victims of stroke caused by visits to a chiropractor.

Chiropractors dispute their procedures lead to stroke. But Pat Chevrier, a Winnipegger whose son had a stroke after seeing a chiropractor, disagrees.

The group wants Oswald to call into an inquiry into the effects of what it calls “high-neck manipulations” by chiropractors. It says chiropractors will manipulate the neck even for back pain.

Take a look at What’s The Harm page on chiropractic. It’s a list of all the harms that people have reported. And, take a listen to this episode of Consequence to hear Tim Farley of What’s the Harm talk about this topic, why it doesn’t get reported and why it hasn’t previously been  made more of. Perhaps this new attention, that has been building for a while now, will result in some action against chiropractors using this common technique.

Also, visit What alternative practitioners might not tell you to see risks of chiropractic.

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  2 comments for “Call for ban on chiropractic neck manipulation in Manitoba; citing stroke risk

  1. Cindie
    October 10, 2012 at 4:32 PM

    While everything in life has some risk, the risk of injury resulting from a chiropractic manipulation is very low. If it were high in risk, chiropractic malpractice insurance would be very high; it isn’t. It is about $1,000 a year. A general practitioner of medicine will pay a median of $30,000+ each year.

  2. jon gawne
    October 13, 2012 at 9:27 PM

    Not so- until recently the link between neck manipulation and stroke risk has not been looked at much due to the amopunt of time it tales for the symptoms to show up. Thus there have been few suits against chiros. and hence low insurance. Expect this to change, BIG TIME very soon.

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