Bigfoot the hooligan!

Many of you have probably heard about this story of the Bigfoot attacking the Winnebago in Pennsylvania. We linked to it on Leftover Links.

The reason why it didn’t appear on the main page before this is: 1.) There is no evidence for this story to be true or even worth considering – like tabloid fodder; 2.) It’s covered by the press as a joke, for laughs; 3.) It does not have much more value than that, considering theĀ unverifiable and speculativeĀ nature of Bigfoot stories like this that go WAY beyond the facts.

But this piece, written by Doubtful News friend, Ben Radford, is a different take that you might be interested in. It does not mock the story as MANY other sites have. (I didn’t feel good about laughing at the story.) So, I’m linking to this so you can check out the other cases of so-called Bigfoot vandalism.

Bigfoot Vandalizes a Winnebago and Other Questionable Claims | Cryptozoology | LiveScience.

A Pennsylvania man who accused Bigfoot of vandalizing his 1973 Winnebago earlier this month is just one of a long history of people who have blamed the hairy humanoid for attacking personal property and dwellings.

John Reed, a Bigfoot enthusiast, claims that during a camping trip he and his girlfriend saw a tall, dark, hairy figure walk past their camper window at night. According to one news story, Reed said the Bigfoot “threw rocks at his mobile home’s outside light to escape discovery.”

This explanation doesn’t make sense; if the Bigfoot didn’t want to be noticed, it presumably wouldn’t have walked right past the Winnebago’s window with two people inside, nor thrown rocks at the camper. The creature could simply have avoided the campsite, or kept walking into the darkness if it did not want to be detected, instead of standing and throwing rocks at an exterior light.

The article goes on to describe the most famous case, Ape Canyon – just as likely to be a tall tale as real. I’m not sure what to make of other accounts of rock throwing Bigfoots but I know I don’t buy into them all.

Also, the most reasonable explanation for Mr. Reed’s damage is people playing pranks. There is NO good reason to suspect a Bigfoot even though he seems quite convinced.

Who’s messin’ with who?

  2 comments for “Bigfoot the hooligan!

  1. Rich
    October 23, 2012 at 4:57 AM

    The phrase “Bigfoot enthusiast” may be a useful pointer towards why Mr Reed comes to the conclusion he does.

  2. Brian
    October 23, 2012 at 10:29 AM

    I’d be willing to bet that “Bigfoot” in these cases is a black bear. Ask the Yosemite national park wardens how adept black bears are at destroying campers, cars and just about any structure used to protect human food from the bears.

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