Alien doomsday cult had weapons stash in Carribean

I hardly know how to categorize this piece, it’s all over the place.

Police breakup doomsday cult in the Dominican Republic – Caribbean360.

A judge has ordered a year-long detention for the German leader of a doomsday sect that believes in aliens while Dominican authorities investigate why he had a gun arsenal at his house that police discovered after a deadly, hour-long shootout.

Police arrested Peter Brunck, 61, of Meisenheim, Germany, his son Daniel Brunck and Isabella Dietrich after a shoot-out last Wednesday that injured three officers and resulted in the death of another German man, Peter Demetrick. They could remain in police custody for up to a year while investigations proceed.

The gunbattle occurred at Brunck’s house in an upscale residential community in the popular tourist town of Sosua. Police said Brunck apparently is leader of the “Academy for Future Health” sect, going by the title “cosmic teacher” and promising mental salvation and treatment for various illnesses.

Police said they discovered several rifles, grenades and professional crossbows with scopes along with seven bulletproof vests, a bulletproof car and an ambulance inside Brunck’s house.

Well, talk about some weird ideas…

Brunck warned followers about the end of the world, talked about a “galactic super electromagnetic wave” that could destroy all communication on Earth, and a potential shift in polarity. He believes there are 68 varieties of aliens, and he touted therapies he believed could cancer and multiple sclerosis, among other things. He charged up to $650 per person for some events.

What were the weapons for? Police aren’t sure. I hope a year detention is enough.

  2 comments for “Alien doomsday cult had weapons stash in Carribean

  1. Chipshotz
    October 23, 2012 at 11:38 PM

    I’d categorize this as mental illness, paranoia and greed.

  2. Adam
    October 24, 2012 at 3:47 AM

    What I find interesting is that anybody would ever follow these people. Virtually every cult leader be they leading a doomsday cult, or the more garden variety kind is clearly suffering from various personality disorders.

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