Woman faith healer executed in Japan for exorcism deaths

Exorcism Gets Everybody Killed; Female Faith Healer Gets The Gallows : Japan Subculture Research Center.

Japan hanged two inmates this Thursday September 27th 2012, two months after the last executions took place on August 3rd.

Sachiko Eto, 65, a faith healer and self-professed exorcist, was convicted for murder after the deaths of six believers in Fukushima Prefecture between 1994 and 1995.

According to Japanese media reports and The Associated Press, Sachiko Eto, her daughter and another accomplice had beaten their victims to death, using thick drumsticks […] The beating were to “drive out demons hiding in their bodies” and conducted in her home.

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A motive? Superstition? Anger? Jealousy?

The article notes that “at least one of the exorcism was apparently motivated by Ms. Eto’s decision that the the victim was sleeping with Ms. Eto’s lover.” And another was about money. Ms. Eto’s husband apparently disappeared in 1992, before she became a spiritual leader.