UFO spotting base to be built in California… by singer Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams to turn Californian island into UFO spotting base.

Robbie Williams is reportedly set to buy White Rock Island, California, with plans to turn it into a base for spotting UFOs.

Williams first visited White Rock Island last year and found it to be a perfect location for UFO spotting, with minimal light pollution and a clear, unobstructed view of the night sky.

The singer has said that he has seen UFOs before, and is reportedly willing to pay $659,000 (£414,778) for White Rock Island.

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Robbie Williams seems to be quite the believer in all things paranormal, including ghosts.

It’s easy to feel bad for him wasting money and time on such a silly idea as spotting alien space ships. We have astronomers and the government agencies for that. But I guess he thinks he can do it better. Whatever…