TruthMarket crowd-sources fact checking of political and commercial claims

A new skeptic tool!

Launching the First Marketplace for Truth-Telling™, TruthMarket™ Offers the Public Tools and Incentives to Take Action Against False Political and Commercial Claims.

TruthMarket, a division of Truth Seal Corp., today announced it plans to play an aggressive role in improving the state of political and commercial communications by launching its Marketplace for Truth Telling. TruthMarket offers the public a platform that enables grass-roots crowd-funding of citizen campaigns to publicly expose false claims and reinforce true claims. Cash incentives will encourage individuals to initiate, challenge or prove political, commercial and science claims.

Rick Hayes-Roth, Ph.D., the founder of TruthMarket, states that “false claims, half-truths and biased polls are polluting public dialogue, tainting public opinion and undermining politics, commerce and public trust.” Instead of getting angry, he adds, “it’s time to do something constructive and give the public a mechanism to openly challenge false claims and reinforce honest dialogue.”

TruthMarket announced that they are “A NEW WAY TO CALL OUT LIES”.

Michael Shermer of Skeptic magazine is on the board of TruthMarket:

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TruthMarket is a crowd-sourced way of campaigning against false claims. There are two types of campaigns: the Bogus Statement (BS) campaign and the True Statement (TS) campaign. The Bogus Statement campaign challenges misinformation and the True Statement campaign issues a statement of fact and challenges non-believers to prove otherwise.

This sounds like a tool that readers of THIS blog can certainly put to good use. This is a very interesting site and I’m eager to see how skeptics can use it. It’s brand new so there are not too many campaigns active. But this is there big launch so let’s check it out!

  3 comments for “TruthMarket crowd-sources fact checking of political and commercial claims

  1. Finn
    September 11, 2012 at 4:40 AM

    Reading over the FAQ, it’s clear that they have sensible measures in place to prevent well-organized campaigns from hijacking their site à la Wikipedia. But for that same reason, it will be easy for the usual fringe elements to dismiss it as a “liberal elite” conspiracy. I see a lot of PhDs on the advisor list. I wish it success, all the same.

  2. RayG
    September 11, 2012 at 9:17 AM

    as I mentioned on the FB post, Facts and truth? they’re “POLITICIANS”, there is no room for the facts or truth in politics. If I started a group that sounded a horn every time a politician lied, the country would be overwhelmed with a constant droning of horns. Like the old joke says- the only time a politician aint lying is when his mouth is shut. LEave the politics out of it, and just worry about the killer radiation from growing your own non-organic, gluten free snap peas in your hydroponic garden.

  3. September 18, 2012 at 5:25 AM

    That’s just unproductive cynicism. Since politics is how the country is run, better out the real lies and the delusions, and start to clarify what’s being said, in order to move towards a change in future policy decision-making. Otherwise, you are just another crackpot hermit living in your own private mess, encapsulated in the great styream of public delusional policy-making. Good luck with that.

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