Those psychic Marks just won’t go away

Fort Lauderdale fortune teller charged with fraud wants to work for online psychic service.

When a Fort Lauderdale family of fortune tellers was charged with operating a multi-million dollar fraud last year, a judge banned them from working as spiritual guides or psychics — for the foreseeable future or until the case goes to trial.

But Vivian Marks, 22, is hoping the judge will let her apply for a job as a “spiritual advisor and/or fortune teller” for an online psychic service that also provides “advice and professional consulting services,” according to court records.

“[She] does not possess a high school diploma or its equivalency [GED] and has limited work skills to work outside of her God-given talent of fortune telling,” Reagan wrote.

While federal prosecutors said it is not against the law to tell fortunes, they objected to Marks being allowed to work in the spiritual field.

What did the judge decide?

Fortune teller charged in fraud can apply for job with online psychic service, judge says

A Fort Lauderdale fortune teller charged in a psychic fraud scam won a federal judge’s approval Friday to seek work with an online psychic service.

Vivian Marks, 22, and eight family members were charged last year with operating a multi-million fraud and a judge banned them from working as spiritual guides or psychics.

U.S. Magistrate Judge James Hopkins said that should Marks get hired, he felt the online company had sufficient safeguards in place to ensure that Marks doesn’t engage in fraudulent activity and that it would be constructive for her to engage in “lawful employment” while working toward an online GED.

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God-given talent? She has a talent alright. Although it’s more of a family trait.

The Marks family has tried to get out of their troubles by appealing to religious freedom excuses and their celebrity friends. That didn’t work. Here is a run down of their troubles. This appeal seems one of a long list of ploys to keep practicing this blend of psychic and faith service. But the scamming seems to run too deep in this clan to every think they will change their spots. This is an unfortunate decision by what sounds like a VERY naive judge to allow this woman to continue the ways in which she bilked people out of money before.

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  1. Arnold
    September 13, 2012 at 4:40 PM

    “Lawful employment” as a phone psychic? What the hell does that mean?

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