Sea floor mystery circle maker discovered!

Mystery Behind Deep-Sea Crop Circles off the Coast of Japan Solved .

Earlier this year, off the southern coast of Japan, Yoji Ookata, a deep-sea photographer and diver who has been documenting the deep sea for more than 50 years, saw something he had never observed before. A circular pattern of rippling sand about 80 feet below sea level and 6 feet in diameter was on the ocean floor. Ookata returned to the same spot with a TV camera crew in tow to capture the discovery and figure out who or what had created its intricate design.

Ookata dubbed his new find the “mystery circle” and was shocked to find out that a single puffer fish, no more than a few inches long, had created the circles using just one fin. The tiny fish works tirelessly day and night to complete the design.

This discovery really just scratches the surface of knowledge about the ocean. The rest of the 95 percent still awaits exploration.

Tip: Russell Bynum

Russell writes: It’s a stretch to call this a ‘crop circle’, but it’s a good case in point of finding new explanations that’s of a mundane nature. Even more so that so small a creature (puffer fish, in this case) can do such much and in such an “artistic” way. Mystery solved, and yet again ‘Nature’ proves herself more creative than many people suspect.

Cool story. Here’s a more complete version.