Psychic and science show? The mind reels…and doubts (UPDATED)

Derek Acorah and Richard Felix, from Living TV’s Most Haunted (U.K.), are doing a live show to “educate the public on the realities of the paranormal”.

Derek Acorah and Richard Felix’s Psychic and Science show, Eye of York, September 15

Derek and Richard first worked together on Living TV’s Most Haunted and are now embarking on their travels to “educate the public on the realities of the paranormal”.

The Psychic and Science show will break away from the normal Hollywood or TV ghost show, where the scare factor was always prominent. “Instead we’ll conduct various experiments and demonstrations and test theories to open people’s eyes and prove that the realities behind ghosts are far more fascinating than the Scooby Doo side of things,” say Derek and Richard.

Throughout next Saturday’s gathering, audience members will be randomly selected to take part in the psychic and scientific experiments with Derek and Richard.

The evening will feature a psychic fair, readings from Derek Acorah and Richard Felix’s explanation of his theories on what a ghost really is.

Further events will be glass divination, table tilting and a human pendulum with audience participation; a question-and-answer session with Derek and Richard; and the Harry Martindale’s interview.

In the grand finale, Derek and Richard will try to bring an apparition out of the stonework of the old York Prison, using the Stone Tape Projector. “This will test our theory of traumatic events being recorded in the fabric of a building – in other words, can the walls talk?” ask the psychic and scientific investigators.

Source: York Press

Well, this DOES sound interesting. It raises many questions about audience participation and possible trickery. What will the results be? I’m very curious. Hopefully some U.K. skeptic groups will follow up on this and let us know what goes on at this show. Of course, experiments such as this on stage are not really experiments at all but demonstrations that are uncontrolled and may be influenced by other sources. To say that they are testing theories is ridiculous. They are not scientists and their claims are not at all scientific. But, they appear to want to play the game of “sounding sciencey”.

I also wonder if their new demonstrations are a reaction to the calls for psychics to stand up to real tests designed to be more rigorous. They never want to participate in those but want to deliver to the audience on their own terms. Finally, the idea that they are testing the theory of “traumatic events being recorded” is utterly ridiculous. Even if an apparition did materialize, there is no reason not to first suspect optical illusions. Materializing ghosts in the theatre has been common since the 1800s. If they REALLY wanted to test their theories, why not call in the scientists? Instead, they continue to be absurd.

UPDATE (19-Sept-20120: A review by York Skeptics:

Well it had a complete lack of experiments, no science (unless a useless box and wires is included as science) and no proof on “the realities of ghosts”. An entertaining evening, but there was no way this could be argued to have any science or experimental content – a breach of trading standards perhaps.

Doesn’t sound too impressive.

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  1. Jim Price
    September 7, 2012 at 10:03 PM

    People apparently have short memories. Acorah was booted from the show Most Haunted when they found out he is a fraud. Look up the Kreed Kafer and Rik Eedles incidents and be enlightened.

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