Nine men jailed in Zambia for witchcraft murders

Nine ‘witch’ killers jailed 315 years | Zambia Daily Mail.

THE Mansa High Court has sentenced nine men to a total of 315 years imprisonment for killing and burning seven people accused of witchcraft.

And a juvenile, who is the sixth accused in the matter, has been placed on a two-year probation under the care of the social welfare department.

The State called 16 prosecution witnesses, who all testified that the accused persons were seen in the village looking for and taking away all the people who were killed.

Justice Ngulube said although the accused persons denied all the charges of murder, it was beyond doubt that the evidence from the prosecution was adequate to convict the accused persons.

“The accused persons acted together in executing their highly wicked plans, which resulted in the burning of seven people to death,” she said.

Mrs Justice Ngulube found all the nine men guilty and sentenced them to 35 years imprisonment on each count to run concurrently.

Tip: Molly Hodgdon

Note that it appears these men were convicted on just eyewitness testimony.

Someone DID kill these people. And it was a positive step they were sought out and tried. But eyewitnesses testimony is just not reliable. Remember, people also accuse others of witchcraft. Are they reliable witnesses, do you think?