Missing dogs on Finnmarksvidda found by psychic via the phone

Psychic found missing dogs on the tundra.*

Kjell Johnsen from Narvik experienced a nightmare when his English setters Mira and Nadja disappeared during a grouse hunt on the tundra on Saturday afternoon.

The experienced grousehunter and his hunting buddies searched for hours for the dogs to no avail.

A buddy of Johnsen’s tipped him off about a psychic who could help. He himself wasn’t sure if that was the right solution.

When he called the psychic he gave her the names of the dogs and she could immediately tell where they were, fremover.no reports.

“She said they were by an oblong big body of water. We understood right away where she meant and went there. And they were”, says Johnsen.

The dogs had been missing since Saturday and Johnsen was worried about the dogs’ health.

Source: TV2.no

The dogs were missing from Saturday to Tuesday, 3 days. While food for the dog might have been scarce (which I doubt, they were out grouse hunting with their owners, they could probably manage to find something to eat), water is pretty important to stay alive. It never occurred to them to look for the dogs by the water.

Of course the psychic is getting nothing but praise for this find. It’s on the tundra. It’s safe to assume there’s plenty of water around. It’s also safe to assume a lot of these bodies of water are oblong shaped and (relatively) big in size. I’m willing to bet the owner just thought of the nearest body of water from where the dogs went missing, one which he and the dogs was familiar with. Nothing paranormal here.

*Original article in Norwegian. This is a translated version.
Full Google translated article can be found here.

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  1. September 12, 2012 at 9:31 PM

    A real psychic would have called them first.

  2. Chipshotz
    September 13, 2012 at 1:54 AM

    It’s a miracle!

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