Malaysia government hospitals may soon offer patients choice with traditional medicine bill

Malaysians may soon have a choice between modern, traditional or complementary medicine when seeking treatment in government hospitals.
Government hospitals may soon offer alternative treatment – Parliament.

Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said even though this was not the current standard operating procedure at government hospitals, traditional and complementary medical services could be a possibility in the near future due to its growing popularity among the public.

“This is something that we can look into in the near future. For now, 10 government hospitals are providing traditional and complementary medicine on the side,” he said in response to points raised during debate for the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Bill 2012.

The Bill is to better regulate the growing alternative medicine industry and to set up the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Council which will be responsible for establishing eligibility of a practice area, registering individuals providing such services and issuing practising certificates.

Tip: Molly Hodgdon

Well, this is a bit of a step backwards. Why would you chose unproven treatments over conventional treatment with a clinical track record? If they mean for things like pain or nausea, that would make some sense but for doctors to allow worthless treatments over life-saving genuine ones would be unethical.

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  1. September 27, 2012 at 4:11 PM

    This is a very progressive step for Malaysia and surely there is a place for contemporary medicine and alternative medicine to work in tandem.

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