Healing your house: Call the energy-clearing practitioner (UPDATED: JREF open letter)

Simon Cowell calls in house healer

Simon Cowell has hired a ‘house healer’ to improve the energy in his home after a friend recommended he try it.

The music mogul decided to rid his Los Angeles mansion of negative energy after a friend recommended he try out the strange treatment and Simon is excited about seeing the results.

He wrote on twitter: ‘Hello. I had someone heal my house. Strange but great.

‘The healer brings in good energy. Someone told me about it. It takes a couple of days.’

Source: DJ Grothe

He needs a healer maybe not for the house, but for life troubles and stress. It’s a convenient excuse to say something outside yourself is to blame for your situation. But I’m not sure that psychic pests are to blame or exist to be exterminated.

You can hire one of these house healers for yourself if you feel so inclined. This one put out a press release today for her [paid] services.

When paranormal activity exists, often people do not know where to go for help. Catherine Filarski is an energy-clearing practitioner who will remove the unwanted negative energy in any home, place of business or property.

According to Catherine Filarski, “For years now, I’ve been watching television shows such as Ghost Adventurers and others, that do a great job at documenting that paranormal activity, such as ghosts and poltergeists really do exist; however, they offer little or no long-term help to those people experiencing the paranormal activity and want to remove it. Many of the paranormal issues people face can be easily resolved, but they don’t know where to go. I developed HauntedHouseHelp.com, so people are aware that professional help is available to them.”

There is a lot of information circulating in the media and on the Internet about paranormal activity and how to remove it. Some of it is accurate, but some information is not based on truth, but myths and misconceptions.

Gee, who made her an expert? Show me where the “truth” is about paranormal activity and how you know it. Then maybe I won’t brush this stuff off as baseless nonsense.
[UPDATE 10-Mar-2014 The link to the press release is now dead. But you can see that Filarski still does “Energy cleansing” through the information on her web site.]

UPDATE: (30-Sept-2012) The JREF has issued an open letter to Simon:

If you or your house healer can demonstrate, under mutually agreed upon scientific conditions, that your home has negative energy which can be supernaturally healed, the James Randi Educational Foundation will happily award you our One Million Dollar Prize. Or, we could send your winnings directly to the charity of your choice. Perhaps Children’s Hospices UK, or one of the animal rescue charities of which you are fond?

Surely you can give us a few hours to investigate your creepy crib, for a chance at a spare million. You wouldn’t want that missed opportunity to haunt you, would you? I look forward to your response.

Will he take the challenge?

  4 comments for “Healing your house: Call the energy-clearing practitioner (UPDATED: JREF open letter)

  1. Melissa
    September 27, 2012 at 7:20 PM

    I normally just laugh and shake my head about this kind of stuff…. If hanging shiny things or burning some sage makes you feel better great. But this is a concern due to the increasingly popular shows where mediums scare homeowners half to death claiming the demonic presence may hurt their child or worse and other nonsense. . Considering how many people believe that garbage … Throw in celebrity endorsements……. A lot of folks are gonna be bankrupted by theses kinds of “cleaners”

  2. John Lechago
    October 2, 2012 at 10:34 AM

    Groan! I thought Simon was supposed to be the smart one. I give up. I’m sending him my negative energy in an imaginary singing telegram.

  3. matt crowley
    March 10, 2014 at 7:00 PM

    Years ago we toured Europe in a converted Austrian municipal bus. Our faithful driver was from Liverpool, and had the wonderful accent that Americans dig. I genuinely liked the guy, and we got along well as we shared an interest in mechanical things.

    One day I was alone with him on the bus. He became very serious, and I don’t think he was putting me on when he asked me if I’d ever “belled a room.” I had never heard of such a thing, but he went on to describe how a new house, or perhaps a house that had “negative energy” could be treated by ringing a “very clear bell” in the place. Perhaps this is something more common in England or Continental Europe than in America. I don’t know, as that’s the only time I’ve ever heard of it…

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