Girls die by self-immolation, supposedly victims of paranormal forces

This story is from India and is poorly translated with grammatical errors. However, the story itself is shocking and disturbing.

Paranormal power influencing kids to self-immolate?. (Left uncorrected)

A bizarre ghost story is in circulation in a part of old Indore after the parents of a 14-year-old girl, who was found with cent percent burn on Wednesday afternoon , told the police that two mysterious girls had asked their daughter to pour kerosene on self. Their neighoburs are also attesting to the ghost story and claiming that around 20 girls died under similarly mysterious circumstances in the last few years.

Goma Ki Phel and Kazi Ki Chawl, the two downtown localities in Indore, are agog with feverish rumours of paranormal power behind the death of Henna, who succumbed to burns in MY hospital.

Investigating officer sub-inspector Qureshi told us the family members and neighbors stated that Henna had told them she was under influence of some paranormal power who asked her to commit suicide and she followed the order.

The police officer claimed similar incidents occurred in the past too where minor girls committed suicide by immolating inside their houses and they cited the same reason behind the extreme steps.

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A paranormal power? A pathetic excuse. Were these troubled teen girls? FAR more likely. If this is a trend, it is a very scary one. There is not enough information to know if they had family trouble or mental illnesses that were left untreated or some other real life cause for their desperate acts but the fact that this is treated without addressing material causes (at least in this source) is very disturbing.