Chesterfield, Virginia agencies promoting paranormal pseudoscience

Paranormal class brings history to life | Midlothian Exchange.

History will be analyzed from a supernatural perspective during the Paranormal Investigation EVP Techniques 102 class at the 1892 Historical Jail in Chesterfield on Saturday, Sept. 29.

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and the workshop will focus on recording and identifying otherworldly sounds and using audio programs to interpret what those noises are.

During previous excursions, Ball and Ghataora’s team members have used several stimuli to investigate paranormal presences. To be more specific, they have used journals and letters to relate to spirits through their personal histories.

They also have employed tools such as digital recorders to check for sounds, electromagnetic field detectors to test for EM fields, dousing rods to determine what areas to investigate and thermometers to check for spirits that can manipulate the temperatures of rooms.

Although the class will continue some lessons from the previous 101 version of the course, Truzzie said it is not necessary for people to complete the prerequisite class to understand what will happen during Saturday’s seminar.

They used the words “paranormal science”. And I lose my patience EVERY TIME that happens. There are some things that really irritate me and I can’t hide it. One is people pretending to do science when they are unqualified to do so. And, passing their sham sciencey stuff to the public as genuine.

Why is this not science? I can’t hardly begin. But go here. And here. And here.

They are charging $10. I wonder if Paranormal 101 is a prerequisite. Oh, wait, there are no standards. This is fiction. I often recommend that people go to these events, spend the money and ASK INTELLIGENT QUESTIONS, like “How do you know that?”, “What’s the standard for a ghost?”, “Explain how ghosts can communicate this way given the laws of physics”.

We are getting into the silly time of the year with Halloween coming up. Watch for these farcical presentations by ghost hunters in your community and check them out. And SAY something. The one person who says something smart out loud will be heard loud and clear, especially by those that would be swayed into belief if you DON’T speak up and point out nonsense.

And shame on the historical society and department of parks and rec for endorsing such pseudoscience.

  3 comments for “Chesterfield, Virginia agencies promoting paranormal pseudoscience

  1. Walt B.
    September 28, 2012 at 3:28 PM

    The use of “paranormal science” by these people really irritates me, too. But what makes me lose my patience EVERY TIME is for otherwise intelligent people to misuse the English language. “I can’t hardly begin” would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so discouraging.

  2. Jim Price
    September 28, 2012 at 4:29 PM

    Sharon, when you write these articles, I think you should start replacing the word pseudoscience with “bullshit.” That is a far more accurate descriptor. The word pseudoscience has been used for years, decades, even longer, and it still fails to get peoples’ attention.

  3. Melissa
    October 1, 2012 at 9:15 PM

    I find it interesting to ask these “paranormal investigators” WHY With our earths history …. We are not overrun with paranormal activity…. With how many people have died…tragically ( the common cause of ghosts) it shouldn’t take equipment to see them …. You’d think if an area like Gettysburg has hundreds of thousands of ghosts.. More than just “lights flickering” or “orbs” should be appearing since spirits can manipulate electricity and temperature oh and occasionally hurt people…. I’d think Gettysburg would be a tough place to live. But it’s not. It’s a nice town.. With a lot of history. They can never answer that question… By the way…

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