Brilliant lesson about hot reading and your online information

Two great lessons in this one:

Belgian ‘Psychic’ Gets Your Private Info From Internet – Technology & science – Security | NBC News.

The volunteers are brought into a white tent. Inside sits a wise-looking, long-haired man in late middle age who calls himself Dave. He says he’s a psychic.

You tell Dave your name. He hugs you and lays his hands on you. Then you and he sit down and he starts telling you things no stranger should know : your address, your romantic situation, your children’s names, your medical history, how much you’re selling your house for, your shopping habits, your bank balance.

You’re amazed. You can’t believe this guy knows so much about you. You can’t understand how he does it.
Then Dave reveals his trick.

Hat tip to: xxicenturyboy and Russell Bynum

Thanks to the internet, hot reading is just so easy…

Watch the video, see how it’s done.

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  1. Yarro
    September 26, 2012 at 3:00 PM

    But you have to be careful with hot reading. It can go horribly wrong 🙂 :
    Read the bit about Robbert van den Broeke.
    Jeneverbrander is someone who distills jenever (Dutch gin).

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