Warning: Gems and vitamins are not viable health treatments. Stop claiming it is.

Woman warned health techniques are illegal practice of medicine | The Des Moines Register | DesMoinesRegister.com.

State medical regulators have warned a Dubuque “alternative health care consultant” that she has been illegally practicing medicine without a license.

The Iowa Board of Medicine, which licenses physicians, sent a letter this month warning Erin Gotz that she is breaking state law. “The information reviewed by the board indicates that you use tuning forks and specialized crystals to diagnose health conditions and prescribe a high-dose vitamin regimen to your clients,” regulators wrote to Gotz. “The board has serious concerns that the use of such high-dose vitamins may be toxic and could cause serious harm to your clients.”

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Dear Iowa Board of Medicine: Thank you.

People making health claims about their services really get on my nerves. If you are not qualified to claim that you can treat people for illness, it’s a travesty to say that you can. When you can prove gems heal people, then come back and try for legitimacy. I won’t hold my breath.