The strange tale of the fish that fell from a tree

‘Lucky’ fish falls out of tree.

Cindy Wilkinson got home on Monday to find a voice message from her friend Jan Bailey.

“She said, ‘The strangest thing just happened. A fish just fell out of our cedar tree on to the ground.'” Bailey, who lives near Third Street and St. David’s Avenue, had seen the fish make a dive worthy of an Olympian in her backyard. Her husband went out to investigate, and found the piscine drop-in covered in cedar needles but – incredibly – still alive.

A quick check showed the mystery fish was probably a cichlid, an aquarium fish native to South and Central America and usually kept in indoor aquariums. Taylor said it’s also possible the cichlid was put in an outdoor pond for the summer. Her best guess is an eagle or a heron, seeing a potential meal, snatched it from the water and dropped the fish from its perch.

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Photo credit: Kevin Hill, North Shore News

How utterly bizarre. These ladies handled the situation very well. There is no menition if the fish had injuries that might be consistent with being abducted by a bird. But, if it was, it was a BIG bird. Another strange Fortean event for today. Is the other dimension having a problem with their water bodies that fish and seaweed have been sent to earth?