Serious troubles for Scientology’s drug program Narconon

The Narconon program has been featured here in two stories about questionable deaths and another about promotion in U.K. schools. The program is facing increased scrutiny.

Scientology Drug Program Narconon’s Licensing “Extremely Vulnerable” After Oklahoma Deaths, Says Insider.

Scientology is facing crises on several fronts: flagging membership, internal schisms, relentless Internet exposure, and whole new levels of public consciousness and mocking because of a celebrity divorce and an upcoming movie with Oscar buzz.

But perhaps the most surprising component of the church’s recent rise in negative attention seemed to come out of nowhere, and may turn out to be one of the biggest challenges it’s facing.

Scientology’s drug treatment program, Narconon, is being consumed in a conflagration of its own making.

There are not only four deaths at the flagship Oklahoma facility under investigation — three just since October — but Narconon is also mired in litigation in Michigan and Georgia, it was chased out of Quebec, and has also apparently given up on the UK.

“All these Narconon centers are run on the same principles. They use deception to get people in, they make false claims about their effectiveness, and the person sending patients there is actually a salesman working on commission,” says Carnegie Mellon professor Dave Touretzky.

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This is a long expose by Scientology expert investigator Tony Ortega detailing the issues faced by the church of Scientology, the harm caused to clients and the deception alleged to have taken place.

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  1. Adam
    August 13, 2012 at 4:43 AM

    A few years ago I had the displeasure to see at the top of Grafton street Dublin an anti-drugs music benefit with an impressive wall of organisations behind the stage who appeared to support the effort. It all seemed legit unless one noticed that virtually every single one of the organisations. was a Scientology front group including Narconon.

    Scientology simply cannot tell the truth. They have to hide behind a bunch of phoney baloney fronts to pretend they enjoy more support than they actually do. I hope whoever gave them permission to run this event was chastised and safeguards put in place to stop it ever happening again.

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