Four children beaten to death to rid their soul of the devil

There is real evil here. It wasn’t the children. An extremely sad story from Haiti.

Four children killed by Haiti witch doctor: official – FRANCE 24.

Four children from the same family have been found dead in Haiti after being treated by a witch doctor who claimed to be able to cure them of a mysterious illness, a local official said Friday.

“Three girls and a boy, the eldest of whom was seven years old and the youngest only 15 months, suffered abuse from the healer who was treating them,” said Wilfrid Brisson, an official from the southern town of Marbial, told AFP.

According to neighbors, the sorcerer — who was assisted by his brother — persuaded the victims’ mother that the children were possessed by a demon and said he could rid their soul of the devil.

The witch doctor and his brother beat the children repeatedly, in steps they said were necessary to expel the demon, and the youngsters died from the blows, said Brisson.

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The mother was taken into custody and the perpetrators have fled. There are still many places in the world where the Dark Ages still exist.

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  1. xxi_centuryboy
    August 4, 2012 at 1:30 PM

    Speechless. But it goes to show that it is very true that the nature of the scientific method is counter intuitive and belief in superstition is ingrained.

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