Candy-coating a homeopathic med workaround

Well here is a novel loophole!

Homeopaths offer to rebrand products as ‘confectionery’ |

Faced with an MHRA crackdown on unlicensed medicines, one of Britain’s leading manufacturers of homeopathic remedies has indicated it would be prepared to relabel its products ‘confectionery’ to circumvent regulation.

Source: The Guardian

This article contains an outline of the problems currently faced by UK homeopaths concerning the law. The company Helios explains a potential workaround of the laws to MHRA in order to continue to market their products:

If necessary we could revise the manufacturing method, the labelling of the bottles and kit box to present them as non-medicines and non-homeopathic and market them as ‘confectionery’. Customers who have an interest in homeopathy would still know how to use them and would continue to purchase them despite limited labelling.

That’s kind of hilarious considering that most homeopathic products are the equivalent of a Tic-Tac (sugar).

It sounds like this would be just a stop gap measure until licensing would occur. Regardless, this may be an expensive situation for these companies – relabeling and a legal fight.

I think this suggests they would have to comply with food labeling act, right? And show that the products really contains no active ingredients. Sales would surely plummet considering they would not be in the medicine section anymore. They STILL can not make health claims on the boxes. This just seems desperate weird.

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  1. August 2, 2012 at 10:54 AM

    Seizing the inverse of this concept, Big Cola could skirt New York’s proposed pop ban by branding their drinks as “homeopathic tonics.”

  2. Vinny Giardina
    August 2, 2012 at 11:46 AM

    Which is essentially how they started.

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