Blackmail by psychic curse

Detroit palm reader threatens to curse New Jersey woman in case of psychic ransom

Police in Hoboken, N.J. say a woman reported being cursed by three friends after she informed on someone regarding a police incident more than three years ago.

The victim was told, although it unclear by whom, that she would have to visit a palm reader on Arlington in Detroit to have the curse removed.

Hoboken Police Sgt. Sam Williams confirmed, based on the woman’s statement, that she visited the palm reader as requested and paid $2,000 for the lifting of the curse.

It didn’t work.

Two weeks later, the victim felt the curse still loomed and called the Detroit mystic again for help.

Williams said the palm reader told the New Jersey woman that the curse had been reinstated; to lift it would require a bit more money.

The victim obliged — for at least a while — paying over $2,000 throughout the next two years.

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But then the victim stopped paying and the psychic got mad, calling and threatening to enact more curses. That’s some serious intimidation. The victim called police. While the actions are potentially illegal, it’s not clear what the police have found or will do in this case.