Zombie blood was putrid. Wouldn’t that be a given?

The irony of this story amuses me.

Zombie blood goes bad, lawsuit ensues

Bad taste, exploding pouches – about what you’d expect of zombie blood, right? Wrong. According to the novelty product company Harcos Labs, zombie blood should have a lime flavor and reside peaceably in its container. Harcos’ product Zombie Blood, green and conveniently stocked in re-sealable speciman bags, was a snapped-up by customers when it was first introduced in mid-2010. Then, 28 days later, things went horribly wrong.

OK, things did not go that horribly wrong. They went this wrong:

…in late August 2010, Harcos first learned of the complaints of the Zombie Blood product tasting “like yogurt”. In late September 2010, Harcos first learned of the complaints of the Blood product having expanding and exploding pouches and foul smell.

Who’s to blame? Harcos points the finger at several defendants in their lawsuit, but Power Brands is the first to make an appearance in this tale. Harcos hired Power Brands to develop a formula for their ghoulish products Zombie Blood and Blood.

The reason that the Blood and Zombie Blood products tasted like yogurt and had expanding and exploding pouches and foul smell is that Power Brands’s formulation contained the protein Provon A-190 manufactured by Glanbia, yet did not specify “hot fill” but rather a “cold fill”. Said protein caused growth of microbial organisms and caused the products to, in layman’s terms, spoil.


If you don’t follow this web site, you should. It’s great. But this story is a bit weird. Someone messed up somewhere to ensure that even gross food stuff sold as being gross will actually NOT make you ill.

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  1. July 12, 2012 at 10:05 AM

    This is why vampires never feed on zombies.

  2. Massachusetts
    July 15, 2012 at 10:40 PM

    And if a certain British drama is to be believed, they don’t partake of Werewolves either.

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