Herbal cancer “cure” burns not only through the wallet but the skin as well

Herbal ‘cancer cure’ burns skin: TGA | Australian Doctor.

Consumers have been warned again not to buy a corrosive paste being marketed as a cancer cure, which has badly burned at least four people.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has issued a safety alert about black salve, red salve and Cansema — sold through some Australian websites as an alternative treatment for cancer — after another severe adverse skin reaction was reported.

The salves contain an active ingredient called sanguinarine, known as bloodroot, and also sometimes contain zinc chloride. They burn off layers of skin and surrounding tissue and can cause significant scarring,…

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Alternative medicine does not go through the same rigorous testing as other medicine.

But this salve claims to cure cancer (which is unproven) but will seriously damage your skin too. Of course if it burns off skin cells and maybe will take the cancer cells with it. But certainly NOT a safe method.