Giant white owl photo mystery from Texas (UPDATE: Photoshopped)

Many, many more questions than answers in this photo. Real or fake?

Legend of “Lechuza” Possibly Seen In Carrizo Springs | Pro 8 – Laredo, Texas.

The legend of the “Lechuza” has been told in this area for years.

Now, a recent picture has sparked a discussion about whether the picture is real.

The picture believed to have been taken in Carrizo Springs shows two men holding a white owl with a very large wing span.

We spoke to one of the owners of Petland who tells us this picture has her baffled when it comes to classifying the type of owl.

“I think people would like to believe it’s real just like they’d like to believe big foot’s real and the loch ness monster and all the other creatures.”

Owner of Petland Laredo, Laura Hatton, gives us her take on the picture that’s been circulating social networking sites for the past few days.

Many people are calling the big white bird “Lechuza” from the urban legend commonly told in the Mexican heritage where the spirit of a woman or a witch turns into an owl.

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This story just came to my attention today. It is a few weeks old but nothing more has surfaced regarding it. This is the only news site that reported it. Other blogs have just repeated this and forums have speculated upon it.

The animal in the photo is 4-5 feet long. Note that the way the men hold it away from them makes it seem longer. By the way, who ARE those guys? They are uniformed. Are they wildlife officials? Why didn’t the news team follow up on that? Can they REALLY hold such a large animal by just a little bit of the wing? That seems off.

The owl’s head is not visible. Why weren’t more pics taken?

Irregularities, no credible sources, too many questions, no followup. I’m highly skeptical of this picture. TOO many things seem odd.

Note: The largest owl in Texas is the Great Horned Owl which has a wingspan up to 5 feet. So, size is NOT so implausible. But the coloration is very different than this bird. A barn owl has a recorded wingspan up to 3.5 feet. So, another inconsistency.

The “lechuza” is commonly depicted as a barn owl (white). Thus, this animal was associated with that legend. More on the legend of Lechuza.

UPDATE: (26-Jul-2012) I have seen enough comments here and online to conclude that this is a photoshopped photo. People who have looked at a better resolution photo have determined there is no way the people in the pic are holding a bird of this side. So, everyone can go home now. This is fake.

  2 comments for “Giant white owl photo mystery from Texas (UPDATE: Photoshopped)

  1. July 25, 2012 at 2:12 PM

    I create “honest” photo-manipulation fakes almost daily (on Skeptic Friends Network). I think this is a Photoshopped image. The entire weight of this huge “barn owl” is being supported by its outermost flight feathers? Apparently by a single feather on each wingtip? Surely, these feathers would pull loose at once. And those holding it aren’t straining in the least? Not even leaning a bit to the side to compensate? Looks utterly fake to me. A rather poor ‘Shop job at that.

  2. Andrew Webster
    July 25, 2012 at 3:50 PM

    Yes- shopped.

    Note a wire entering from the right wing (facing the owl)also the warbling of the siding behind the owl. I’m guessing it is like a banner, or a snake those guys were holding, and the shopper popped the owl in there.

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