Chiropractor claimed a blue light laser could cure food allergies

A very disturbing story about chiro(mal)practice:

Chiropractors Offering Unproven Laser Treatment For Food Allergies

An estimated six million American children have food allergies. Those who are highly allergic can get deathly ill if they eat the wrong thing.

Some chiropractors claim they can cure allergies through the use of a laser.

Zack Jones was game to try it. He’s a happy-go-lucky nine-year-old, with one big exception: he has severe food allergies.

After the therapy, the chiropractor told Jones [Zack’s Mom] that in two days, Zack could eat eggs.

Just to be on the safe side, Jones brought Zack into see his allergist.

Zack’s sensitivity to eggs was still off the charts.

Jones was furious. Had Zack eaten eggs, he could have gone into anaphylactic shock.

Dr. Michael Welch is Zack’s allergist. He’s been treating San Diegans with allergies for more than 30 years.

Even with all of his experience and expertise, Welch would never say he could cure someone.

“There’s no such thing as cure at this point. A lot of exciting things in the pipeline, but nothing that we can call a cure now,” Welch said. “It’s just simple avoidance, and treatment of a reaction if it accidentally happens.”

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Chiropractors (whose practice is based on unfounded scientific claims) makes unfounded scientific claims about laser treatment. Can’t say I’m too surprised. I am surprised that a chiropractor wouldn’t just say that chiropractic spinal treatment would fix whatever ails you.

Zack’s mom filed a complaint with the medical board. It’s a shame that’s all that happened. This was very dangerous.

News report from KPBSSanDiego about the case of Zack Jones:

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  1. Bob
    July 18, 2012 at 10:29 AM

    Why do so many reporters use the english language incorrectly? Several times in this report the reporter used the word ‘brought’ when he should have used ‘took’. These two words are probably the most often misused words in the journalism profession.

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