BioLogos promotes civil discussion about religion and evolution

I encourage you to read this whole article to get a new perspective on a community many don’t see. Some interesting things in there. Hopeful, actually.

Evangelical scientists debate evolution online with Southern Baptist seminary professors

Witness the gracious dialogue taking place between Southern Baptist seminary professors and evangelical scientists on the BioLogos website.

In a series of essays titled “Southern Baptist Voices,” the two groups consider questions such as whether the existence of a historical Adam and Eve created in the image of God is compatible with the gradual development of humans through evolution.

While there is disagreement, the authors are quick to emphasize places where they do agree…

Another essayist, Bill Dembski, who is a research fellow at the Discovery Institute and one of the leaders of the Intelligent Design movement, […]says, “In terms of strict logic, nothing takes you from natural selection to atheism, but, as a practical matter, many people find that Darwin makes atheism seem plausible.”

Falk, who teaches biology at Biology at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, said the dialogue has given BioLogos members a chance to clarify some of their positions.

“I don’t think our differences are anywhere near as great as people might have thought,” he said.

Because he teaches at a Christian college, Falk is very familiar with the types of questions evolution raises for other evangelicals, he said. But for him, the many developments he has seen in the field of evolutionary biology over the years have only strengthened his faith.

“To see how life works in all its majestic details truly is a worship experience,” he said.

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I think this is encouraging, religious people talking “graciously” about sciences. They recognize that science shows us things they must consider in terms of their faith. Any chance at dialogue that is less confrontational can be productive even if they remain steadfast in their personal beliefs. It allows for minds to be opened to consider new ideas.

One thing I did notice… See how Dembski says “Darwin makes atheism seem plausible”? That’s a ploy that non-evolutionists use to make it easier to focus on their problem with the concept. They personalize the theory that is REALLY the result of the work of many. Evolution does not belong to Darwin. Natural selection IS, irrespective of whomever first wrote it out for our understanding. It would have come to light by other means. (Would we be calling it Wallacism?) The story of Darwin’s issues with atheism is a fascinating one but it is not related to natural science work which came first for him.

For scientists, how can you not LOVE the last quote about life’s majestic details. Cause it’s true.

  2 comments for “BioLogos promotes civil discussion about religion and evolution

  1. Tony Shreck
    July 19, 2012 at 11:10 AM

    One very fine point to make: Many “evangelical atheists” are also complicit in the personalization of “Darwinism”. Look no further than that clever Ichthus parody, but if you do, you’ll find plenty.

    I have a great deal of respect for people who can communicate through and despite their differences, regardless of what I may think of any particular position espoused. Maintaining cordiality when huge differences exist is challenging. I think the worst mistake anyone can make in these debates is to think the stakes are too high for basic respect of other human beings.

    I’m a recent follower of the site. Thanks a ton for the enlightenment, humor, and diversion!

  2. Bob
    July 20, 2012 at 3:50 AM

    In most religions, religion and science aren’t incompatible. I don’t know why that is so hard for some to grasp, unless some scientists choose to be as dogmatic as some evangelicals.

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