Sylvia Browne reading prompts family to request reopening murder case

A mother writes an editorial to a newspaper with a plea to reopen a criminal case where her son was convicted of manslaughter.

Reopen McGuffin murder case.

My son, Nicholas McGuffin, has been in prison for 22 months doing time for a crime he had absolutely nothing to do with. This is not justice for Leah, instead it’s a second injustice.

There was DNA evidence, but it did not match Nick. Who did it match?

The state’s case was a character assassination against Nick, using a caliber of witnesses that lied (proven during testimony), changed stories over the years or were just inaccurate. Did the jury do its job? This case had reasonable doubt all over it. Several other scenarios were not explored by Nick’s attorney as the state did not prove their case. Even now, my family has individuals contacting us with information pointing away from Nick.

On March 29, 2012, I spoke with nationally known psychic Sylvia Browne at The Mill Casino. I explained to her my son’s innocence. She began shaking her head and described a pickup involved in the homicide. She gave the person’s initials and said to have police contact her. Sylvia has solved other cold cases. Interestingly, new information we recently received matches the truck and the initials.

So, as always, I contacted CPD. As it is, Sylvia Browne’s office says they will only work with law enforcement. As of yet, they have not contacted them.

Credit: JREF poster “Questioninggeller”

Here is the background on the story: Jury finds McGuffin guilty of manslaughter

If there were problems with the trial and evidence, that is one thing (and debatable). But relying on the testimony of convicted felon and psychic performer Sylvia Browne is QUITE another. Every time these stories of psychics “helping” police comes up, we cringe and have to reiterate: NO PSYCHIC HAS EVER DIRECTLY HELPED SOLVE A CRIME ON THE BASIS OF THEIR INFORMATION. As much as they like to take credit for it, their assisting law enforcement is a tall tale that can not be justified. It’s no wonder the police will not contact Sylvia. Hire your own private investigator to follow up on Sylvia’s vague notions. See how far they get. Don’t expect police to consider psychic hunches as worth anything. They aren’t.

Browne’s best evidence. Fail.

She has failed to establish her abilities as have every psychic who has made such a claim. How DARE she make such unfounded accusations. Oh, yeah. She is icky.

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  1. June 27, 2012 at 11:33 PM

    Return of Mdme. Claws

    That creature has to one of the lowest forms of predators on earth. Self-delusion is not enough to excuse her behavior, like telling people their child is dead and he turns up alive. And that’s only one of many errors.

    If the police are actually gullible enough to call her, no doubt she’ll claim the police agency contacted her for help as proof of how good she is.

    She’s even got a WikiPedia entry. Tells about her criminal past: “…convicted of investment fraud and grand theft.”

    Looks like she’s found the perfect scam.

  2. June 27, 2012 at 11:58 PM

    Maybe its just me but I’d take a lawyer instead of Sylvia Brown – and I haven’t had the best experiences with lawyers.

  3. Zep
    July 3, 2012 at 10:31 PM

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