Most state anti-science bills were defeated last year. Except one.

Anti-Evolution and Anti-Climate Science Legislation Scorecard: 2012

Call 2012 the Year of the Copycat. Many of the antievolution bills proposed this year were old bills that were simply dusted off and offered up as new.

A 2011 Tennessee bill—largely drawn from Louisiana’s infamous 2008 Science Education Act—was revived and signed into law in April. Among other things, this classic “academic freedom” bill lets teachers “help” students critique evolution, global warming, and more. This means there are now two states in the Union—Louisiana and Tennessee—that have anti-evolution and anti-climate change education laws on the books.

Another classic “academic freedom” bill that nearly passed was Oklahoma’s HB 1551, which trotted out classic creationist “teach the strengths and weakness” wording.

[L]ike last year, several bills attacked both evolution and climate change education.

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Along with Tennessee and Oklahoma, this list shows proposals from Missouri, Indiana and New Hampshire. All died except for the Tennessee bill which became law.

Additional commentary on this is at Desmogblog.

Laurel Whitney | States Continue To Push For Anti-Climate and Anti-Evolution Curriculum Laws.

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  1. Calum MacKinnon
    June 8, 2012 at 7:07 PM

    Many years ago Richard Dawkins was asked “Why do you concentrate upon the Christian/ (Any other religion you want) extremists, and not the mainstream? Answer: Paraphrased – What was the extreme is now the mainstream. ’nuff said.

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