Is the Dennis Markuze/David Mabus threat fest finally over? Hmm.

The infamous Dennis Markuze, better known to hundreds of skeptics and atheists he annoyed or threatened online as David Mabus, was given a suspended sentence for his actions.

Montrealer Dennis Markuze pleads guilty to issuing internet threats.

A man arrested last year for making threats to several people through social media on the Internet was given a suspended sentence after pleading guilty in his case.

Dennis Markuze, 40, recently received the suspended 18-month sentence after he pleaded guilty to uttering threats toward eight people. The case was heard at the Montreal courthouse.

Markuze, a resident of St. Laurent, was ordered to “abstain from participating in a social network, blog and discussion forum” as part of the sentence.

“[Drugs] seem to be the reason behind why the accused felt empowered to be the Voice of God in those kind of online discussions,” [prosecutor Suzanne] Nault said adding Markuze found employment after he finished his therapy.

Tip: Tim Farley

This is the story of a very troubled, ill individual. Many of us had our twitter, blogs and emails pummeled by his comments and links to ranting, incoherent YouTube videos. He was obviously disturbed but none of us were sure how far he would go to carry out his threats. It was nerve-wracking.

But this result is disappointing. William Raillant-Clark, one of the people Markuze threatened, said was advised of the plea bargain after it was made. The letter explaining the sentence contained very little information. The article quotes that he is “…extremely annoyed and insulted by this.”

And then there is this:

Raillant-Clark and Tim Farley, a resident of Atlanta who was threatened by Markuze “for three or four years” said they believe Markuze resumed his anti-atheist postings even before he was sentenced. Waxman said on Friday that he asked Markuze about the allegation and said his client denied it.

The article noted that those threatened, especially Farley, did the careful data collection and documentation to show that Markuze was behind the huge number of threats. The same patterns have been identified as occurring again. It is highly unlikely that someone else took up the activities but that Markuze himself was back at his old tricks. This does not bode well that he will abide by the terms to stay away. It’s clear he does harbor extremely strong views against atheism and evolution. No court orders will change that.