Goblins continue to run amok in Zimbabwe

Goblins saga, girl dies under ‘mysterious’ circumstances

A Grade Seven pupil has died under “mysterious” circumstances at Nhlupho Primary School in Kezi District, where a recent goblin exorcism ceremony resulted in the village head committing suicide.

The death, which occurred on Wednesday, has divided villagers with some saying the goblins that were allegedly removed from village head Moffat Ncube’s home were responsible for the death.

A villager who asked not to be named said the girl fell ill on Sunday last week, saying something was eating into her left thigh, and died on Wednesday.

“She was perfectly healthy and only had a boil on her right leg. However, on Sunday she started screaming saying something was burrowing into her left thigh and causing unbearable pain. We think it is those goblins because no one could see anything,” said the villager.

A teacher at Nhlupho said villagers believed that the goblins were now feeding on human flesh because their owner was no longer around to give them food.

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Evil goblins were blamed for terrorizing villagers in this story from a few weeks ago. In both cases, several more rational explanations are readily apparent. But those aren’t mentioned. Darkness does still envelop many cultures around the world. Education is a key but a long, difficult road.

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  1. Massachusetts
    June 4, 2012 at 8:14 PM

    This part is interesting from the article:

    “I do not know how these people secured the services of witch hunters because only a chief can authorise such an action. Without a chief’s consent or supervision, such actions are illegal,” said Chief Ndiweni.”

    Witches and witch hunters and related things are apparently codified into their political and legal system. In the 17th and 18th centuries this was the case here in the US (think Salem Witch Trials for example). I’m not exactly sure when it changed, though I suspect you can find remnants still existing today, perhaps in Blue Laws still on the books but mostly ignored in many states.

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