Vietnamese ‘Fire Starter’ (UPDATE *facepalm*)

Child with strange power, sets furniture alight without touching it.

An 11-year-old girl, alleged to have the power to transmit intense heat, has set fire to furniture in her family’s apartment in Ho Chi Minh City without using matches or a lighter, her father claims.

In a description of the phenomena, reminiscent of Stephen King’s book The Fire Starter, the father, who asked not to be named, said the family had noticed recently that the girl had the ability to make things burn without actually touching them.

Du Quang Chau, director of the research centre of Radiesthesia Energy, in HCM City said the child had been sent to the centre for checking after the fire. (The concept of radiesthesia is based on the fact that objects carry energy and radiate at a specific frequency, much like the theory of vibrational frequencies described in homeopathy.)

Chau said that during tests on the child, energy coming from her body made the surface of sockets and electric cables burn.

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A highly questionable claim! What is Radiesthesia Energy? Oh, radiesthesia is related to dowsing? You can see we’re off down a dubious pseudoscience path here.

We have no published results of such tests. It’s all anecdotal, which in terms of science and credibility means next to nothing.

File under physics fiction for now.

UPDATE (19-May-2012): She supposedly caused another fire.

The latest fire occurred at noon, 12 pm yesterday (May 18) at her house on Bach Dang Street in Tan Binh District.

This surprised a group of six researchers from the Vietnamese Research Center for Potential Human Abilities who were present at the house at that time as they have been visiting her in the past week to learn about her strange ability.

A Tuoi Tre correspondent accompanied the group, which was led by researcher Nguyen Phuc Giac Hai, a famous Vietnamese paranormal investigator.

The fire was discovered after T. (the girl with strange ability) smelt a burning smell and warned everybody about a possible fire somewhere in the 3-storey house.

HOLD EVERYTHING! Are you kidding me? It appears that no one is seeing this happen in front of them. How can people be so gullible!?

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  1. Massachusetts
    May 16, 2012 at 9:14 AM

    Though it would be a pretty cool super power!

  2. Richard
    May 22, 2012 at 12:28 PM

    The Amazing Randi would probably figure it out in minutes; it’s not an accident that the best investigators of the paranormal are trained magicians & illusionists, they know all the tricks

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