Tigers suffering from TCM

Vietnam police seize three dead tigers

Vietnamese police said Tuesday they had seized three tiger carcasses after being shot at by smugglers who were transporting the dead animals to Hanoi.

There are fewer than 50 tigers living wild in remote forests across Vietnam and the population is in danger of being wiped out by hunters and traffickers.

Worldwide, as few as 3,200 of the big cats remain in the wild as they are hunted down for their fur, bones and other parts which are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment is drafting a new national tiger conservation programme.

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Tigers will go extinct. I’m not sure that’s an issue. But to acknowledge that they have gone extinct because of nonsensical killings for medicinal products that have no basis in reality is the TRULY sad part. While posing strong punishment for poaching and encouraging conservation are positive steps, the real problem lies in those who use TCM as treatments.