Thrill-seekers looking for ghosts annoy local residents in Adelaide

Viral video lures noisy pranksters to ‘haunted’ park.

Rumours that the ghost of Clifton Manor owner Dr Michael Schneider, is wandering nearby Michael Perry Reserve – also known as Schneider’s Alley – have gone viral on internet forums. The number of children causing a ruckus after dark in the hope of meeting the eerie figure has skyrocketed since a YouTube video was uploaded six months ago.

Paranormal field investigator Alison Oborn has been investigating ghost tales for 23 years. “Schneider’s Alley is basically an urban myth,” she said, adding that “it started with a whole load of stories”, including the one about Dr Schneider killing children.

“You put a haunted tag on something like that and what happens is you get kids and thrill-seekers who want a bit of fun and when they don’t get that fun, there starts to be damage and bad behaviour.”

Credit: Perth Now

How not new is this?! Give the kids a scary story and watch them attempt to have an experience. We’ve all done this – from Gravity Hill to Bloody Mary. There is a concern that with the increase in popularity of ghost hunting at abandoned buildings and property, people (especially drunk people) will be careless and get injured or even killed. It has happened before. In this case, it’s just plain annoying to the people who live in this residential neighborhood.

Great to see a paranormal investigator who seems to be unbiased and skeptical towards such claims! However, I’m not sure that discounting it as an urban legend will make the pranksters go away. These stories live on and on and it’s sort of a right of passage to test out your nerves.

Here’s the viral video that tells you the legend and shows you how to get there (and even what you’ll see):

  2 comments for “Thrill-seekers looking for ghosts annoy local residents in Adelaide

  1. Peter
    May 6, 2012 at 10:33 PM

    Hah – this place is not to far from where I live. The “legend” has been around for some time now. Really it’s just out of it kids looking for a scare. Walking into a dark, scrubby area will do that, even if there is nothing around more harmful than a possum or koala bear. (they both make fairly horrible noises – growling hissing type thing).
    That video is awful. The screamer pop up at the end and the fake photo.
    Alison Oborn’s group are very good. Everything is approached from a rational standpoint. They have been investigating the old Adelaide Jail for many years, amongst other places.

  2. Truth
    April 27, 2014 at 9:33 AM

    It’s a pity Alison could not refrain from using other people research when she commented, or should I say, phoned the newspapers to make a story from nothing….

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