Strange animal reported roaming Hale, U.K.

Have you seen mystery creature?.

There has been another sighting of a mystery creature in Hale – the second within a month.

Mother-of-two Sue Langham was astonished to see the animal sitting on her back door step on Rivington Road at 5am on Monday morning.

The animal – about the size of a small dog with the head of a fox and a muscly body – was making a noise that sounded like a ‘strangled wolf’.

Sue, who had got up early to catch a train, said: “I was shocked by what I saw. We sometimes see foxes in the back garden and this was nothing like that.”

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I’m left wondering at the description. Too bad she couldn’t take a video (would be easier than a photo and show more). The descriptions are not detailed enough to be helpful. Several sightings are metioned but it’s not clear if this is consistent with one animal, a few, or just are unrelated – perhaps being three different creatures misinterpreted.

One of the reports was of a big cat.

These vague mentions of a mystery creature in the media tend to spark further reports of “sightings” of just about anything anyone perceives as “strange”. The media coalesces several reports of lots of different things into one phenomena. The “mystery” takes on a life of its own. Each new claim is globbed on to the original and the snowball of a legend grows. At its core, the rumor of a mystery creature is likely based on an eyewitness report, a far-away picture, and no physical evidence at all. We could not rule out mistaken identity of a common creature. From the pieces so far, it’s hard to tell if there is a truly weird animal on the loose but it would be nice to know more detail.