SOHO loses the Sun; mystery mongers lose their minds

Shortly after another UFO was spotted in a Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) image it had a malfunction and entered Safe Mode. It’s back up and running now but, of course, the timing couldn’t have been better. For those with a weak grasp of probability theory and too strong a grasp of mystery mongering it could only mean one thing!

UFO By The Sun Gets More Proof It’s Real | WebProNews

Two weeks ago I reported on a story about the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spotting a possible UFO next to the Sun. NASA, as usual, blamed it on some smudge, or left over cosmic rays that leave a streak in an image. Youtube user rob19791 has a much different idea about whats going on and he has some video to try to prove his accusations.

Did the satellite really go down? Or was it taken down until they can figure out what that massive thing is? Doesn’t NASA understand that when they do this kind of thing, it raises questions?

I’m sure NASA is busy enough as it is without having to answer questions raised by people like this on the Internet.

Speculators of the fantastic can never think of the obvious question: If SOHO keeps finding aliens why does NASA make the data available to the public?