San Fran official said consulting Ouija board was a joke about what Harvey would want

This story got picked up because everyone knows people in the Bay area are wacky. Ugh. It sure did get coverage. Luckily it was resolved before I could post the claim.

The Associated Press: SF official says Ouija board comment was joke.

The wacky and wonderful world of San Francisco politics once again went viral, this time after the City Insider and other local publications reported on Supervisor John Avalos’ remarks that he summoned the ghost of former Supervisor Harvey Milk to find out how the slain gay civil rights leader would feel about having a U.S. Navy vessel named after him.

During the City Hall debate Tuesday, supervisors said they conferred with Milk’s nephew, friends, former colleagues and compatriots, gay rights activists, the anti-war contingent and others on the issue; the affable Avalos, known around City Hall for his humor, said he consulted the Ouija board for help.

Source: SF Gate

Oh, haha. OK.

Actually, it sounds true. See this quote:

“Boy, I thought the whole Harvey Milk naming resolution as a tempest in a teapot, especially how members of the Board of Supervisors were searching high and low for Harvey’s surviving family members, friends and former colleagues for an opinion on what Harvey would have wanted,” Avalos said.