Psychics taking advantage: Hingham frauds arrested

Second psychic in Hingham fraud probe surrenders to police

A psychic who police say was involved in a scheme to bilk a Pembroke woman surrendered Monday.

Teresa Nicholas is accused of scamming the woman out of $7,000 by telling her the money was needed to prevent her daughter’s suicide.

After Hingham Detectives spoke with an attorney representing Nichols, she agreed to turn herself in Monday afternoon.

The arrest of Nicholas, a Hingham-based fortune-teller with addresses in Hadley, Mass., and Albany, N.Y., comes weeks after another self-proclaimed psychic, Tiffany Crystal Smith, was arrested in connection to the same scam.

Police said a 69-year-old Pembroke woman who came to Smith for a psychic reading agreed to give her money and an antique opal ring after Smith told her that she was under a “curse and a black cloud,” and that her daughter would hang herself within a week if she didn’t pay Smith $16,000 to lift the curse. The woman gave Smith a check for $7,000 on April 6, but then had second thoughts and told her family, police said.

Source: Patriot Ledger (Massachusetts)

Here is the original story from a few weeks ago.

Taking advantage of the elderly, saying that your child will commit suicide, suggesting there is a curse on you. Holy hell! These people are low. It’s difficult to believe that people can fall for such things but desperate times make people desperate. If you know of people that believe that psychics can help them with their serious life problems, perhaps telling them that psychics aren’t real won’t help. But maybe, telling them that over the past year, dozens have been charged with psychic scams to bilk people out of money will make them take a second look. I know it does not address the core problem but perhaps it makes them more aware that scams are so common out there.