Psychic llama predicts game. I admit it, I miss the damn octopus.

This is just… stupid.

Football-loving ‘psychic’ llama predicts Chelsea Champions League glory |

Move aside Paul the Octopus, a football mad llama has been tipped to become the next match-predicting global phenomenon after correctly guessing the result of the FA Cup final. But will his Champions League prediction also come true?

The South American llama currently lives at Ashdown Llama Park in east Sussex and has tipped Roberto Di Matteo’s Chelsea side to defeat German giants Bayern Munich in the upcoming Champions League final.

His owners discovered the domesticated animal’s unique talent for predicting the successful outcome of football matches earlier this month.

After struggling to agree on the outcome of the FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Liverpool, the park owners decided they would leave it to the llama to pick the result instead.

The llama is given the option of picking between two coloured balls placed on top of two wooden polls which represent each side.

To signal his choice, the llama, whose favourite player of all-time is bushy haired Colombian footballing legend Carlos Valderrama, head-butts his chosen ball of its stand.

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Give me one reason (doesn’t even have to be a good one) why a llama would know this. (How do they know his favorite player? Did an animal psychic communicate with the psychic llama?) Ouch, my brain just got sprained.

Carry on laughing. And then despair.

I like llamas and all, but I miss the octopus. Paul was cool. Not psychic, but cool.

R.I.P. Paul

UPDATE: Now a pig too? PLEASE STOP. Just use statistics to predict like smart people!

  2 comments for “Psychic llama predicts game. I admit it, I miss the damn octopus.

  1. Massachusetts
    May 18, 2012 at 7:52 AM

    Oh, I don’t know, llamas do have a certain New World charm…

  2. Rafal
    June 8, 2012 at 8:58 AM

    In my hometown, Wroclaw, Poland there is a certain Ianni the Tortoise, in Krakow, Poland an elephant, in Singapore two fish. All that ahead of Euro 2012 football championships. As a science correspodent with the public radio in Poland I have just reported on the scientific nonsense regarding this and, yes, I have mentioned the Skeptic magazine as being… well, skeptical.



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