Oracle hog

In a follow up to the psychic llama, we have a psychic pig. Every day, I miss Paul more…

‘Psychic’ pig to make Euro tips

A psychic pig is set to take over where Paul the Octopus left off at the 2010 World Cup by predicting the results of matches at the European championships in Ukraine and Poland.

Kiev’s city government said on Friday it would wheel out the porky tipster to give daily forecasts once the tournament kicks off next month.

“A unique oracle hog, a real Ukrainian pig and a psychic which knows the mysteries of football,” a statement said. “Every day at 16.00 it will predict the result of the upcoming match.”

Tip: Yeah, I heard about this days ago and was hopeful it would go away. Because in order of psychic coolness Octopus>llama>pig anyday.

This is just stupid. I have no further comment. Shame on you for paying attention to it.

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  1. Paul
    June 3, 2012 at 3:53 PM

    I don’t know2 why you are that worried. All it does is substitute one set of random guesses for a different one. Occasionally one will work. For the believer, case proven.


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