Never trust a psychic: San Jose woman guilty of felony charge

Psychic, sweetheart scams net San Jose woman 5 years in prison

A San Jose psychic now sees five years in prison in her future after admitting to running a “Sweetheart Scam” that nearly cost an elderly man his life savings while also conning another woman who paid her to exorcise a loved one’s spirit.

The sentence was handed down Friday in Santa Clara County Superior Court after 48-year-old Shirley Stanley last month pleaded guilty to felony theft and contracting without a license.

Stanley convinced a San Jose woman that she was able to exorcise the “evil spirit” of the victim’s dead boyfriend. In exchange, the woman paid the San Jose couple $100,000 and gave them expensive bottles of liquor the couple claimed they would donate to church to help with the victim’s current boyfriend’s alcohol problem.

Source: Mercury News

So, this couple including Shirley Stanley, made their living scamming people. It’s seems that she used the “psychic” label to suggest she had some sort of power to do silly things like get rid of “evil spirits”. What a ploy. Hmm. How many other people do this – suggest they have special abilities that have not been proven to exist. People are very gullible, especially when they are troubled. Add to that belief in things beyond and you get yourself into more difficulty managing your problems. It’s hard to teach people how to be critical about things but one good first rule: Never trust a “psychic”. Never.

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  1. Pinky
    May 9, 2012 at 8:28 PM

    It could be noted that historical discrimination against gypsies has encouraged them to develop such alternative sources of employment for themselves, and more power to them. I blame the idiots who believe in it more than the “entrepreneurs,” let’s call them. A fool and his money…

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