National Herbal Medicine Week: Learn the fallacies and hazards

National Herbal Medicine Week Established to Celebrate the Safe and Effective Practice of Herbal Therapies for Thousands of Years

The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM®) and the American Association for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) are pleased to join in the promotion of National Herbal Medicine Week from May 1-7, 2012 sponsored by the AAAOM, in recognition of the diversity of all ancient and modern herbal traditions worldwide. National Herbal Medicine Week is a time of year when practitioners, consumers, and organizational leaders join in the opportunity to share their knowledge and highlight the strength of this gentle and effective treatment. As one of the first medicines used to treat ailments, herbal medicine continues to be used safely and effectively by many fully trained practitioners world-wide for a variety of conditions, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Herbal medicine practitioners combine the best of modern science and thousands of years of clinical effectiveness to help patients relieve many health conditions.

National Herbal Medicine Week is an opportunity to encourage dialogue to dispel any misconceptions about herbal medicine as well as explore the many benefits of this time-proven and effective medicine,” stated AAAOM President Michael Jabbour.

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I’d like to highlight a few GLARING logical fallacies included in this piece. Feel free to point out others.

Appeal to nature: Natural does not mean safe. That is a misconception about herbal medicine that is far too prevalent.

Appeal to antiquity: Just because it has been used for a long time doesn’t mean it’s safe or effective. Placebo has ALWAYS been useful. In many cases, we are simply seeing a placebo effect, nothing beyond that.

Here is how drugs are derived from nature: When potent natural substances are discovered, drug companies try to isolate and synthesize the active chemical in order to provide a reliable supply. They also attempt to make derivatives that are more potent, more predictable, and have fewer side effects.

Therefore, if it works, it’s already out there or in the process of getting out there through trials that attempt to demonstrate the substance is effective and safe. Many people are sickened every year due to use of herbal and other unregulated substances because we don’t know what or how much of substances are in them, if they contain allergens or toxic compounds. Taking herbal meds can be dangerous and interfere with prescription drugs or interact with other substances. Beware.
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