Missouri UFO sightings up, up, up from last year

Local UFO Sightings On The Rise | KCUR.

The number of UFO sightings in Missouri has been on the rise since May 2011, and it’s not slowing down. This is according to Margie Kay, a field investigator with the Missouri chapter of the Mutual UFO Network.

The group had their annual conference on Sunday and speakers discussed, among other things, the record number of sightings in Missouri in October — 87 sightings with credible witnesses in a single month.

Missouri had 233 UFO sightings reported in 2011, and this year there have been 74 reports so far. There weren’t as many at this point last year.

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What is the definition of a credible witness in such a scenario? That’s a very subjective term. Overall, this report of increased sightings is not surprising. It is occurring in other areas as well. Why? There are many reasons all of which are more likely than a conclusion that we are being watched by aliens. First, there are certainly more things in the sky – piloted crafts, remote crafts, weather data collection balloons, chinese lanterns and deliberate hoaxes. There are also things seen in the sky that are misinterpreted especially at night, like Venus and other celestial objects that have been misreported as UFOs MANY times. Also, birds and balloon can be misinterpreted from sun glare. The second factor is the social one. If a strange thing is reported, people start looking for more strange things. And, they see them.

As far as I know, trained sky watchers – astronomers – are NOT reporting sightings of unusual things. Therefore, this MUFON report doesn’t hold a whole lot of weight.

See our earlier story on how awful some of these sighting reports and investigations can be. 

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  1. Chew
    May 25, 2012 at 1:57 PM

    Heh. Margie Kay is the investigator from this story: http://doubtfulnews.com/2012/05/twinkle-twinkle-ufo-investigation-fail/ who was tricked by atmospheric scintillation.

    In the linked story she says, “At first I thought they were stars, but one disappeared and then reappeared in a different location. So I knew it wasn’t a star.”

    No, what happened is you were looking at the star without paying attention to where it was, you turned away to talk to somebody, turned back to where you thought it was, and it wasn’t there. I read a recent MUFON report of a guy who reported an object zipping around the sky as he ran around his house trying to follow it until it stopped in one spot in the sky and “hovered”. He then said it has been hovering in the same spot in the evening sky for the last two months! He included a video of the object and it was very obviously Venus.

    So this Missouri UFO has been in the same spot for the last few weeks. In all that time the investigator never thought to jump into her car and get closer to it?

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